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Leopard Print Cake

I love it when people send me leopard print articles! Many of my friends have been sending me this one about a fabulous leopard print cake now available in stores in the UK:

ASDA Is Selling A Gorgeous Leopard Print Cake And It's Fierce!

I love it but I can't have it because, first of all, it's in the UK and I'm in the US, and second of all, I'm gluten free! So here's a video of gluten free birthday cake made by Dandy Dillinger for my 55th birthday party and show at Coney Island USA. It had layers of german chocolate cake and salted caramel buttercream with caramel and dark chocolate frosting, sprinkled with sweet edible glitter. Best cake ever, gluten free or otherwise!

And if you prefer your leopard print underneath it all, here's a recipe for you!

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