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Caption Corrections

I love this book and am excited for you to read it! It is full of fascinating people and history I know you'll enjoy. However, in spite of four years of research and fact-checking, there are a few errors in the captions in the book, whether due to my oversights or  confusion during the editing process. I originally wrote 10K words of detailed captions and they had to be cut down to about 4K words during the last couple of weeks of editing, and it got pretty crazy! Over the next few months, I am going to make notes and corrections here in what I'll lovingly call "The Author's Cut," which will also include some fun stuff that was edited out of the captions for various practical and aesthetic reasons -- and to allow for bigger images!


If you catch any other errors, let me know! Email me at .



Page 68: Dates left out. Hattie Redmond (b. 1862 d.1952). Her history was lost until her grave was recently uncovered, so I'm hoping her inclusion here helps people find more suffragists than the most commonly credited ones.


Page 93: Dates left out. Carmen Miranda in 1948 (b. 1909 d. 1955); Belita in 1956 (b.1923 d. 2005).


Page 101: Misleading caption, my bad. Should include: This gown, often attributed to and probably  inspired by Dior, is from Balmain.


Page 145: Date confusion. Ann-Margret starred in Kitten With a Whip in 1964. The image of her in front of the fire is from 1967. Tommy was released in 1975. This was in my original long caption but got mixed up in the editing process. I know it's going to drive some movie aficionados insane and I feel for them.


Page 170:  Date confusion and dates left out. 1980s in the caption should be 1970s. Marc Bolan in 1972? (b. 1947 d. 1977) Image of Isaac Hayes in 1971. (b. 1942 d. 2008). The implication is that these 1970s rock fashion icons influenced 1980s rockers.



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