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I've been a writer all my life, but didn't publish my first book, The Burlesque Handbook, until I was 47. Although I've dabbled in many genres, I love non-fiction. I'm particularly interested in the ways women are able to present themselves in the world, and what their choices mean, and what effects they have on themselves and others. I'm passionate about any person's right to identify and represent themselves as they choose. I believe our clothing choices can give us peace or drama, that we can wear clothing to entertain ourselves and others, and that we have the right to wear whatever we want and live our lives in safety and joy. I'm also passionate about preserving endangered species and their habitats, and while I wrote The History of Leopard Print I began learning about sustainable fashion. I look forward to learning more and to devoting more time to the environment, and to the rights of exploited garment workers everywhere.

I teach burlesque and I love the looks of joy on my students' faces as they discovers themselves in this glamourous, silly, liberating performance art.

I am also a sex workers' rights advocate and have been working for decades to promote better understand of the ways laws and their enforcements impact the lives of marginalized working populations, whether they are there voluntarily or are brought into the work through fraud or violence. I believe everyone has the right to be heard, and that everyone benefits when people can speak to power for themselves.

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