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FIERCE: The History of Leopard Print Book Launch Event!

The Fierce book launch event on June 26 started with a line around the block in Soho, and we sold out of books! We did a short leopard-themed burlesque show at Housing Works and raised $2300 for the venue!  Housing Works Bookstore Cafe is a social enterprise and event venue that raises money to support Housing Works’ lifesaving services for people living with HIV/AIDS in New York City. We use great books, great drinks, and great creative programs to make sure all New Yorkers get adequate healthcare, including housing, regardless of their income, HIV status, gender, sexuality, or race. 

Thank you to everyone who came out and supported the book and the project! If you have pictures, please let me know! I want to see the line around the block :)

I also want to thank everyone who has considerately asked where they should buy the book to benefit me. The reality is that I don’t get paid better depending on where you buy it, so feel free to order it from your favorite independent bookstore or any other source of new books. What authors really crave, the support that helps them most once you’ve decided to buy the book, is a five-star review on Amazon or Goodreads. These reviews encourage other purchasers and look good to publishers, and help me sell my next book project.

I’m the luckiest writer in the world! Sex workers, especially ones without an academic record in the field related to their writing, especially middle-aged ones, very, very rarely get book deals. This is a miracle, and I had a lot of support getting to this point! Thank you again for your faith in my project. I hope the book inspires you to love leopard print even more, to get interested in fashion history, to find new heroes among the people mentioned in the text, and to support the big cats.

The party featured a cat crew including Black Magic, Veronica Viper, and Beelzebabe, gogo dancers and stage kitten Lady Mabuhay, Performers Medianoche, Corvette LeFace, Cheekie Lane, Mr. Gorgeous, Heather Litteer, Jonny Porkpie, and Perle Noire, and my collection of leopard print archival paper and vintage clothing.

Photos by Striker Posie.

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